Upcoming events/dates:

The Schaudepot – Special VIII, 13.4.2024, Schaudepot Stuttgart

Collecting, translating, re-enacting, workshop, Theater Rampe Stuttgart  

The Schaudepot – Special IX, 15.6.2024, Schaudepot Stuttgart

The Schaudepot – Special X, 13.7.2024, Schaudepot Stuttgart

The Academy, Performance, Festival of the KulturRegion Stuttgart, 21.9.-13.10.2024, Various places

The Schaudepot – Special XI, 16.11.2024, Schaudepot Stuttgart

Current and upcoming event dates can also be found at:

Since its opening on 4 July 2021, the Schaudepot has been regularly announced as a collaboration with Theater Rampe and can also be visited online, on site and in hybrid formats by appointment.

Appointments to date:

Remembering, translating, sharing, workshop, 9.12.2023, Kunstmuseum Bochum 

The performance – book performance and conversation in the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, 16.11.2023, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

The Schaudepot – Special VII – New neighbors, online and on site at the Schaudepot, 28.10.2023, Schaudepot and Theater Rampe

Initiative for the Archives of the Freie Darstellenden Künste e.V. as a guest at the Schaudepot, 27.10.2023, Schaudepot

Urban Curation: Gathering, Exchange, Relationship, Panel, 22.9.2023, Current Festival

The Schaudepot – Taking stock: 29.7.2023, Schaudepot

Limited freedom? Scope and hurdles of local cultural policy, panel, 13.6.2023, KulturRegion 

The Schaudepot  – A/no farewell tour / As part of ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES – THREE DAYS FAREWELL at the Theater Rampe, 9.+10.6.2023, Theater Rampe Stuttgart and Schaudepot

The Assembly (2), Performance, 24.3.2023, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

The Schaudepot – Special V – The Society, Kodak et al., 18.3.2023, Schaudepot

Schaudepot – Research: Laboratory ‘Blinding Virtual Reality?’ On the potential of virtual reality for blind and visually impaired persons by and with Steven Solbrig, Matthias Nagel and guests /18.3.2023, Schaudepot

Die Gesellschaft (the Society) by Herbordt/Mohren, with the theatre collective ‘The Trailer’ (Karina Pino and Alessandra Santiesteban) and Ebru Nihan Celkan, 11.2.23, Schaudepot

Public Conversations: Practices – Strategies and Tactics, discussion with Xavier Le Roy, 17.1.2023,Institute of Applied Theatre Studies, Giessen

The Society, with Lilian Gonzalez, Jorge Alencar, Neto Machado, Tina Pantisano, 10.12.2022, Schaudepot

The Children’s Festival & Dance Library: Festival Fantasies, 12.11.2022, Schaudepot

Bundesweites Labor der Labore (B.A.L.L.) (Nationwide Laboratory of Laboratories, Conversations and Initiations II (with Herbordt/Mohren), 15/10/2022, Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele

Das Schaudepot – Special IV – The Society, etc., 8.10.2022, Schaudepot

Reading in the Void, Marginalized Artists in Germany, Zoom Lecture by Azadeh Sharifi, 8.10.2022, Schaudepot

The Schaudepot – Special III / A day to join in, discover, experience and celebrate, 2.7.2022, Schaudepot

The Schaudepot – Special II during the Stuttgart Culture Festival ‘Sparkle included’, 22.5.2022, Schaudepot

How can we avoid destroying social initiatives while working with them as an institution? Online panel as part of pop-up to go digital, Netzwerk Freie Theater, 16.5.2022

Community gardens. Excursions in the local, national and international neighborhood. Conference, together with Florian Malzacher, 29.+30.4.2022, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

The Schaudepot – Special! For adults and children, on site and online, 2.4.2022, Schaudepot

Childfication and Ethics of Pluralism in Art – Zoom lecture by and with Jorge Alencar and Neto Machado, 2.4.2022, Schaudepot

The Children’s Festival – Music Workshop for Children, 2.4.2022, Schaudepot

Neighborhood archive, panel, 30.1.2022, KKT

Schaudepot – Research: Ableism as Usual? Introduction to the history of art and disability, lecture by Steven Solbrig and Dirk Sorge, 23.9.2021, Schaudepot

Collaboratives: Collaboration as Life, Conversation with the Performance Collective Swoosh Lieu and Hannes Seidl, Online, Darmstadt Holiday Courses, Internationales Musikinstitut, 2.8.2021

The Schaudepot, opening, 4.7. 2021, Schaudepot für die Darstellenden Künste Stuttgart

The Society, Finale, 1.-4.7.2021, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

The Society, Online Lab, 11.5.2021, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

The Society, Online-Lab, 23.3.2021, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

The Society, Online Laboratory, 15.12.2020, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

Late Summer Research – Laboratories of Collaborative Artistic Research, Workshop, 24.-25.9.2020, Baden-Württemberg Regional Group of the Society forArtistic Research Germany, Theater Rampe Stuttgart, Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart

Das Theater, lecture, 11.9.2020, ‘Das Land dazwischen’ (The land inbetween), Volkstheater Rostock and Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin

Public places as places of community – visions for public space, Staged Plenum, 26.7.2020, Die Irritierte Stadt (The Irritated City). Shape your city. Share your city. Symposium.

Between the village square and the stage – 10 strategies for the performative activation of public spaces, lecture, 23.7.2020, The Irritated City. Shape your city. Share your city. Symposium.

KultourTalk 3, online panel withStateSecretary for Art Petra Olschowskionartistic practice in times of pandemic, 9.6.2020

Das Festival, premiere stage version, 31.10.-02.11.2019, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

The festival, world premiere, 18.-20.10.2019, Donaueschinger Musiktage

‘Das Dorf’ (The Village), world premiere, 3.5.2019, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Village Festival, Public Research, 6.3.2019, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Audience and public, lecture, 06.02.2019, flausen +Bundeskongress#2, freies Werkstatttheater Köln

Between stage and village square – Performative encounters in distant regions, lecture, 30.01.2019, Land in sight – Building culture in rural areas, Conference of the Faculty of Architecture, KIT, Karlsruhe

The Movement, Premiere 14./15.11.2018, Theater Rampe Stuttgart, additional performances: always on Thursdays in the offices of museums, newspaper editors, ministries, etc., 15.11.2018-27.06.2019

The audience, 20., 21.7.2018, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Presentation rooms, workshop, 5.-8.7.2018, Summer Academy Theatre/School, State Institute for School and Media Berlin-Brandenburg, Lichterfelde

Das Theater – Zwischen Bühne und Dorfplatz (The Theater – Between stage and village square), lecture and panel, 14.6.2018, Impulse Theater Festival, Akademiedes Prekären # 1 – Zwischen Dorfplatz und Weltmarkt, Mülheim/Ruhr

Das Publikum (The Audience), 25., 26.5.2018, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Das Theater (The Theater), lecture, 20.4.2018, Kulturpolitische Jahrestagung der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Berlin

Der Monolog (The Monologue), 9., 10.3.2018, Sophiensaele Berlin

Das Büro (The Office), 19.10.2017 – 19.7.2018, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Art through research or research through art?, lecture, 12.1.2018, Südufer Freiburg

Featured Institutions – Performing Institutions: Which institutions does art create? What institutions does art need?, 29.10.-1.11.2017, Workshop, Bronnbacher Scholarship – Cultural Competence for Future Executives, Akademie Schloss Solitude and others 

Das Theater (The Theater) – What if an entire village were staged?, 17.6.2017, lecture, specialist days as part of the Performing Arts Festival, Berlin

Choreographies of Knowledge Production: Performing the Archive, Workshop, 8.-10.5.2017, University of Gothenburg: Academy of Design and Crafts

Der Monolog (The Monologue), 27.-29.4.2017, Performance, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

Das Theater (The Theater), 8.4.2017, Dance and Theatre Prize of the City of Stuttgart and the State of Baden-Württemberg, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

Das Theater (The Theater) – Zwischen öffentlichen Platz und Bühne (Between the public square and the stage), 1.2.2017, Lecture, Institute for Film, Theatre and Empirical Cultural Studies, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Das Theater (The Theater), 30.10., 27.11.2016, 12.02., 05.03., 09.04., 28.05.2017, 10:30h Meeting point/departure Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Das Theater (The Theater), 25.10., 1.11., 15.11., 29.11., 13.12.2015, 10.01., 24.01., 07.02., 21.02., 06.03., 20.03., 10.04., 24.04., 08.05., 22.05., 12.06., 26.06.2016, Theater Rampe Stuttgart /Michelbach an der Lücke

Die Institution (The Institution), 09.12.2015, lecture and discussion, Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts

Institutions between delusion and vision, 24.11.2015, Lecture, Leuphana Lüneburg

Scores of everyday life, 09.-13.11.2015, Workshop, Bern University of the Arts

Das Dorffest (The Village Festival), 24./25.10.2015, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

Featured Institutions, 09.10.2015, one-on-one meetings and panel, Industry Meeting 2015, Performing Arts Program Berlin

Die Aufführung (The Performance) 12.-13.06.2015 , Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, Impulse Theater Festival

Catalogue of performative action #4: Das Publikum (The Audience), 06.06.2015, Lecture, From the man who flew into space, Festival Premieres, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Das Publikum (The Audience), 29.04.-02.05.2015, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

Featured Institutions, 18.04.2015, Book Presentation, Theater Rampe Stuttgart

Featured Institutions, 17.02.2015, Book Presentation, SOPHIENSÆLE BERLIN

Catalogue of Performative Practices #3: Performing Institutions, 29.01.2015, lecture as part of Performing the digital, Leuphana Lüneburg

Featured institutions, 25.01.2015, book presentation, Theater Konstanz

Catalogue Performative Action #2: Institution, 14.11.2014, Lecture as part of the conference Institutions on Trial/Testing Institutions, Institute for Media, Theatre and Popular Culture of the University of Hildesheim

Catalogue of Performative Practices #1: Archiving, 1.11.2014, lecture in the context of Public Library. About infrastructures for knowledge creation, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

Die Aufführung (The Performance) 01.+02.02.2014 ,Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt

Die Aufführung, Der Apparat, Das Publikum (The Performance, The Apparatus, The Audience) – Staged Encounters between Everyday Life, Science and Art, 13.02.2014, Lecture as part of the public lecture series Paradoxes of Aesthetics at the International Psychoanalytic University, Berlin

Die Aufführung (The Performance) 12.12.-14.12.2013, Theater Rampe, Stuttgart

Workshop discussion, 04.12.2013, Zurich University of the Arts, Gessnerallee Zurich

Die Aufführung (The Performance), 31.10.-02.11.2013 ,SOPHIENSÆLE, Berlin

Performing Institutions #4 (workshop discussions), 31.10.-02.11.2013, as a sub-project of ‘The Performance‘, SOPHIENSÆLE, Berlin

Das Stück (The Play), (Intervention), 19.+20.09.2013, Festival Wunder derPrärie, Mannheim

Vom Zaudern. (On procrastination) Motives of procrastination, transition and
digression25.05.-04.08.2013,WürttembergischerKunstverein, Stuttgart

Performing Institutions #3 (workshop discussions), 12.07.2013, Die Institution, Stuttgart

Performing Institutions #2 (workshop discussions), 05.07.2013, Die Institution, Stuttgart

Die Institution (The Institution), Durational Performance, 04.-14-07.2013, Stuttgart

Performing Institutions #1 (workshop discussions and panel discussion), 27.05.2013,SOPHIENSÆLE, Berlin

Das Stück (The Play) (Intervention), 18.05.2013, E-Werk, Freiburg

Das Stück (The Play) (Intervention), 12.05.2013, Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt, Ludwigsburg

Das Stück (The Play) (Intervention), 16.04.2013, Stuttgart Dance and Theatre Prize, Theaterhaus, Stuttgart

Das Stück (The Play) (Dialogue), 01.- 23.02.2013,Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt

Das Stück (The Play) (Theater), 13.+14.02.2013,Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt

Das Stück (The Play) (Lecture), 04.12.2012, Galerija Greta, Zagreb

Das Stück (The Play) (intervention), 28.11.+01.12.2012, Tanzpanorama 2012 / Rough Cuts Festival, Frankfurt LAB, Frankfurt

Das Stück (The Play) (lecture), 30.11.2012, as part of the symposium Kollaborative Praktiken in der Freien Theaterarbeit, Theaterfestival Favoriten 2012, Dortmund

Das Stück (The Play) (Dialogue), 08.-16.11.2012, C60 Collaboratoriumfor Cultural Practice, Bochum

Das Stück (The Play) (Intervention), 08.-09.11.2012, C60 Collaboratoriumfor Cultural Practice, Bochum

Das Stück (The Play) (Intervention), 26.-27.10.2012, as part of the exhibition In our Backyards, project space of the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart

Das Stück (The Play) (Dialogue), 25.-27.10.2012, as part of the exhibition In our Backyards, project space of the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart

Das Stück (The Play) (lecture), 20.10.2012, Salon Kunst und Wissenschaft: Archive, Institutefor Theatre and Media Studies, Friedrich-AlexanderUniversity, Erlangen

Das Stück (The Play), (Intervention), 23.09.2012, Arttours, Stuttgart

Das Stück (The Play) (Theater), 20.-22.09.2012, as part of the Symposium On the Real Present and Ideal Dramaturgy, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart