Vorgestellte Institutionen / Performing Institutions
bilingual german / english
320 pp., 72 colour plates
ISBN 978-3-89581-347-4
January 2015
Alexander Verlag Berlin

ordering Vorgestellte Institutionen / Performing Institutions

How can institutions be defined? In a fictive conversation, artists, curators, and scholars discuss which duties institutions fulfil, and which criticism they should be subject to. And: how they could be conceived differently. They refer to examples of architecture, the visual arts, and law, they ask for a tradition of institutional critique in the performing arts, and for a philosophy of potentialities. Performing Institutions is a working journal on conditions, objectives, and necessary updates of institutions, compiled from excerpts of the conversation series ‚Performing Institutions’ and combined with scene descriptions and archive materials of the artists and editors Herbordt/Mohren.

With contributions from Annemarie Matzke, Bernhard Herbordt, Emanuel V. Towfigh, Florian Malzacher, Hans-Werner Kroesinger, Iris Dressler, Jan-Philipp Possmann, Jean-Baptiste Joly, Jens Badura, Katja Diefenbach, Knut Ebeling, Marcell Mars, Martin Nachbar, Martina Grohmann, Matthias Warstat, Maximilian Haas, Melanie Mohren, Michl Schmidt, Natascha Siouzouli, Pirkko Husemann, Sandra Umathum, Stefan Apostolou-Hölscher, Steve Valk, Suresh Kumar, Ursula Achternkamp, Vesna Vucovic and a foreword by Esther Boldt

Graphic design: Demian Bern

Performing Institutions arose from the research group ‘Art as Research’ of the Young Academy at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. With kind support from the Center of Excellence ‘Cultural Foundations of Integration’ at the University of Konstanz.