Schaudepot Research

Schaudepot Research #1

Ableism as Usual? Eine Einführung in die Geschichte von Kunst und Behinderung (An introduction to the history of art and disability.) 
By Steven Solbrig and Dirk Sorge
Published by Herbordt/Mohren
50 pages
ISBN 978-3-949823-00-8
Oktober 2023
Die Institution
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How were people with disabilities negotiated, treated and portrayed in the past? What does all this have to do with the visibility of art and culture with disabilities today? How is ableism reflected in society and art? Which artists with disabilities are currently actually recognized in the German art and culture sector, who and where not? And does the equal recognition and participation of disabled artists require an art history with a disability? Steven Solbrig and Dirk Sorge investigate these questions and on the basis of examples.

For the series’

In the series ‘Schaudepot Recherchen’ (Schaudepot Research) lecture scripts, results of conferences and workshops, organized by the first Schaudepot for the Performing Arts and edited by Melanie Mohren and Bernhard Herbert, are published. The common theme of all issues in the series is the question of the artistic expansion of theatre vernaculars, along with the de-hierarchization of different forms of perception and knowledge. In this way, the ‘Schaudepot’ can become a ‘Schaudepot’ that not only can be watched and observed, but is also a vehicle for implementing a multifaceted contemporary space in the everyday life of a Stuttgart residential district with all its sensitivities and contradictions.